Most manufacturers recommend having a full motorbike service every 4,000 to 6,000 miles, or every six months, whichever comes first. But we’d recommend an interim service every few months to keep your bike roadworthy in between full services, and to give you complete peace of mind.

At A Reeve we’re German model and performance specialists – but we welcome all motorbike brands.

Whatever your wheels, we provide a wide range of servicing options. We work to the manufacturer’s spec using original equipment (OE), genuine or equivalent parts as standard to keep your machine in the best possible condition. We also use the latest techniques and equipment so that you get the finest service.

You also benefit from our warranty, and the highly skilled attention of our team.


For bikes more than three years old, as with any car and light goods vehicle, an annual MOT is a legal requirement. It’s a detailed inspection taking in everything from brakes to lights and steering. ­­­

We fully understand the importance of keeping MOTs simple, straightforward and affordable, while providing a thorough and reliable service. Leave your bike with us at a time that suits you, and our team will work swiftly yet diligently to complete the test as efficiently as possible.

Your vehicle couldn’t be in better hands – we have the right expertise and equipment to take care of the test and any associated work. What’s more, we only ever use genuine or original equipment parts.

Once your machine has passed its MOT, we’ll give you an official certificate, effectively your receipt for the test.

Performance upgrades

These range from simple panel filters, exhaust systems to race and track-day preparation and builds so you have everything you need to turn up to your event with confidence.

We also have all the safety equipment you could need, including top-of-the-range racing helmets and more.


We carry out repairs to the highest standards­ using the latest diagnostic equipment (BMW genuine diagnostics) – an­ essential tool with today’s modern models of motorbike.

That means we can correctly diagnose faults without replacing unnecessary parts or wasting your time or money. We follow a routine that’s almost ruthless in its determination to get to the bottom of every issue, however big or small. And we never try and second-guess anything – we draw on our training and experience to test, test and test again.


With our in-house rolling road from MAHA, we offer tuning for a large array of modern motorcycles. We also offer tuning using Woolwich Racing software – a highly regarded name within the motorcycle racing paddock.

Parts and accessories

From simple upgrades to full exhaust systems, upgraded suspension, race fairings, helmets, gloves, clothing, footwear and more, we have all the parts and accessories you could possibly need to ride or race safely, effectively and in comfort.

Order online for a prompt, efficient service, and give us a call if there is anything you need that you can’t see listed on our website, or if you have any questions. We’ll be pleased to help.