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Oxford Docking Station Anchor

Oxford Docking Station Anchor

Oxford Docking Station Anchor



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The Oxford Docking Station is the ultimate wall and ground anchor. It is made from forged hardened steel and incorporates its own in-built locking bar to retain a chain. To fit a chain for the first time, simply unlock, unscrew a small retaining screw, slide out the locking bar, fit the chain and close the locking and re-tighten the grub screw. Then to use on a daily basis just unlock using the key and slide the bar out to release one chain end of the chain and secure around your motorcycle and fit back into the docking station and re-lock. Very convenient and very secure!Uses a non-standard, highly pick resistant, high security semi-elliptical lock cylinder technology. This anchor has undergone rigorous independent testing and has Sold Secure approval to Motorcycle GOLD.The Docking Station has a key replacement service. When you buy your Docking Station, simply note down the number which comes attached to the keys on a metal tag. Keep this in a safe place, then in the event that you are unfortunate enough to lose all your keys, it will be possible to get a new key made up for you. Key Features • Sold Secure approved to Motorcycle Gold• Combines the rigidity of an anchor with the flexibility of a chain• Fits chains up to 16mm in link diameter (chain not included)• Made entirely from forged hardened steel • Uses the latest high security semi-elliptical lock cylinder and key technology • Replacement key service • Weather resistant dust cap • All necessary high security fittings included • Can be wall or floor mounted • Heavy duty 4.5kg in weight Suitable Chains for Docking Station:- • Monster Chain OFM12 1.2M / OFM15 1.5M / OFM2 2M• Nemesis Chain OFN12 1.2M / OFN15 1.5M / OFN2 2M• Hardcore Chain OFH12 1.2M / OFH1G 1.5M / OFH2G 2M

This product has met the high demands of the Police Preferred Specification and has been accredited Secured by Design (SBD).SBD is a police initiative which seeks to achieve sustainable reductions in property theft.By encouraging good design and practice, SBD aims to reduce the demand on police forces and help us all live in a safer society.To see the full list of our SBD approved products click here

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