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Oxford Bright Belt

Oxford Bright Belt

Oxford Workshop Helmet Care Kit



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Everything you need to maintain the cleanliness and functionality of your helmet and visor. Comes with a handy EVA foam pouch for convenient motorcycle storage.Helmet Sanitiser 100ml

  • Cleans and removes odour and bacteriaAnti Fog Spray 50ml
  • Reduces fogging inside of your visorHelmet Cleaner 50ml
  • Cleans helmet from dirt, grease and insectsMicro Fibre Cloth 30x30cm
  • Useful for applying all products included in this kitGreat For:
  • On-the-go general helmet care

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    RE458M Oxford Bright Belt 5030009327810 16.66 19.99 28 unknown zz-re458m Yes No No OXFORD The reflective material is mounted on a strong, hardwearing, yet flexible webbing materialFull adjustable through extra tough buckle. Conforms with EN13356 “

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